Launcelot Primary School

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School Lunches

Our school lunches are provided by Chartwells, a company providing catering services to many schools locally and nationally.

Each school meal is prepared fresh every day by a dedicated team of chefs and kitchen staff, and offers a healthy and tasty meal to support pupils’ development in school.

For some pupil’s, the school meal is often the main meal for that day and we are committed to ensuring it is as nutritious and satisfying as we can make it.

Following the current Covid – 19 risk assessments, many schools have decided that the use of the main dining hall is not a viable option for all or some pupils and are using alternative areas. To support us with this and to offer more variety and nutritional content, Chartwells in conjunction with Lewisham Council have developed a hot food menu where dishes can be served takeaway style to alternative locations – please see menu. This menu will be in place until the end of term. Further review will take place over the summer to prepare for the Autumn Term.

Special diet provision will continue under the current Chartwells medical diet process. 

 Our Autumn menu: 



Packed Lunches

If you prefer for your child to have a packed lunch, we ask that you ensure the lunch is healthy and balanced with some carbohydrates (bread, rice or pasta), some protein (meat, fish, cheese), some fruit and vegetables and a small snack such as a yoghurt. As a healthy school, sweets and chocolate (by which we mean anything coated in chocolate) are not allowed as part of a packed lunch. Due to a high number of life-threatening allergies, please do not send in any products containing nuts such as chocolate spread (which often contains hazelnuts) and cereal bars.

Children have access to water throughout the school day. As part of their lunch they may bring in their own water or milk. 

Flavoured water, milkshakes, fizzy drinks and juices are not allowed in school.  If children do bring them in, they will be taken by a member of staff and looked after until an adult is able to collect them.